March Master Your Morning 10 Day Challenge

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Awards for the most online engagement and the  biggest transformations.

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Mastering your morning routine is proven to increase happiness, productivity and overall health! 

For 10 days, wake up at least 30 minutes earlier each day and…


Water with lemon 1-2 minutes

o Consume 8-12 oz of water with lemon first thing when waking. Can be hot or cold…

Morning Movement 5-10 minutes

o Alternate between core/glutes/upper body/legs/stretches exercises to be provided in 30 Day Challenge Calendar…

Mindset Journal writing 10-15 minutes

o Daily gratitude followed by intentions to nourish your mind for a successful day. Will provide daily journal prompts…

o Optional Warm comfy beverage to accompany journal writing

Cold Shower (Optional) 30 seconds to 5 minutes…

o Use this time proven technique to increase energy, reduce wrinkles and burn yucky “brown fat”…

Your morning routine is your sacred time to connect with your highest self and create your powerful vision for an amazing day!

Challengers will be posting their progress in a private Facebook group. Facebook is required to participate. Prizes will be awarded to the challenger who provides the most engagement and to the challenger who makes the biggest transformation in overall health and fitness.

$39.00 regular price

$19.00 if you register before 3/10/2021


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